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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Music to write to: The Stray Birds.

Today I began writing a new novel, provisionally called Freya and the Hairy Goddess.  I want to have a lot of fun with this one, so I've decided that if I come to a point where I need to choose between a more outrageous idea and a  less so one, I'm going to go for the outrageous one every time. Freya would ask no less of me!  Yahooooooo!  Fingers fly!

So, to music.  As an Aussie, I sometimes find very American singing voices a bit distracting, but somehow these three very talented, hard-working young people have transcended that difficulty for me.

They make amazing music that has beautiful voice harmonies and delightful instrumental harmonies.  Their songs run from funny and uplifting to melancholy and beautiful.

Just listen to this.  "Dream in Blue."  Live too!

One of my faves of their gentle ones, "Harlem":

Here's one of their upbeat ones, "No Part of Nothing". I love how they switch main singers, which makes their albums avoid any sameness from song to song:

This is my absolute favorite song to sing along to, "Blue Yodel Number 7":

And last of all, though it's hard to stop because I love so many of their songs, this is, "Best Medicine," from their new album.

What I've learned from writing to The Stray Birds is that it's possible to be singing along to a song at the top of your lungs at the same time as writing a novel!

I love their stuff for driving with too.  And yes I sing in the correct accent.  It's part of the fun!  

Oh, and I wish I had as much musical talent in my whole body as these guys have in their little fingers.  :)


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