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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Land of Fire paperback version is go!

Here it is, the proof for Land of Fire!  It's come up so beautifully, can't get over the way the cover has come up.  Better than the original art, I reckon.  It's such a buzz being able to do my own cover art.

The interior looks good too, so I've gone ahead and approved it and the paperback can now be bought from Amazon. It's 19.99 US, which is a bit steep I know, but it's 450 pages long, 100 pages longer than Webriders, so there's plenty of reading in it.  The kindle version can still be bought for 99 cents, though I don't know how much longer it will be that price.

The story of how I wrote Land of Fire isn't really a straightforward one.  The character Perry began, believe it or not, with a University creative writing class where we had to pick an object out of a bag and then make up a character based on what it felt and looked like.  I seem to remember my object was one of those eye mask things you use to sleep better on planes. It was soft and felty. I have no idea how I got Perry out of that, but I wrote a little bit of a description about this guy, and then tucked it away in my class file, and didn't think about it for years.  Then I went to a wild party (I did that in those days) and Lillith and her amazing house were born out of that night. Somehow the two came together and a book was begun.

I was heavily into the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) at that time, so adding that into the story was easy.  How I also came to add in another dimension, with Norse descendents of the Vikings settled in Australia and the Australian Megafauna still surviving, well I couldn't tell you now.  I'm interested in both.  I have researched both, and did a lot more research while writing this book.  What can I tell you?  When you write a book by asking, "What if?" as Stephen King suggests, then anything can happen!

I love the relationship that grows between Perry and Lily.  I adore Brodie Mac Brodie the mad Scottish medievalist.  Bu is like another heart dog for me. Australian Megafauna are awesome.  What can I tell you?  It's a romance and an adventure, and a fantasy.  It's funny and exciting and sweet.  Read it!       


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