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Friday, 30 January 2015

Minicorns and minirats

Firstly, this is the little sweety I've been making for my good friend's little girl in far Tasmania.  

She's from a pattern by Ahooka, but she looks a bit different because I used bigger yarn and hook, I crocheted only into the backstitch which changes them a bit, and I also decided she needed a more feral mane and tail than the original.  She is just like a cheeky little pony, peering out of that wild forelock.  :)

I'm totally chuffed with her, and I think her sparkly purple eyes from Suncatcher Craft eyes are the perfect addition.  I love those extra special craft eyes!  They really bring out the character of amigurumi critters.

I'll be sad to put her in the post, but know a certain little girl will love her to bits.

So, what other news?  Here is the baby magpie who has been here for at least a few weeks.

The nest was up in one of our high trees.  I'm sure there were two babies in it, cared for by our somewhat tame Maggie and her extended family,  but then there was only one, on the ground too early.  I suspect there may have been a nest raid by one of the Currawongs who come by.  I'm supposed to love nature but I don't love Currawongs.  Mean, sneaky things they are!

She can hardly fly at all, but her family are still caring for her, with a little help from us to top her up without messing too much with her natural nutritional needs.  I'm hoping she can make it to full fledging.  They have an older baby in the family too.  It must have been a good year for them to feel they could raise two nests in one season.

Here is a video of a male Maggie singing, in case you've never heard one.  They are truly beautiful carolers.

Our grapevine out the window here has had another visitor who is less welcome than the tiny Silvereyes... a rat!  Only a baby one.  Still, we all know what one rat in sight means!   I chased it away but it soon came back, cheeky beggar!  Time to turn over some tin and such with the Labradors.  They are excellent mousers and ratters.  At least it's a fast death!  

The tomato plants are now covered with netting because the birds were getting them all, but I took this pic just before covering them up.  Tomato triffids!

They are more than head high.  The Labbies love the ripe cherry tomatoes.

Here's Tuppy having a rare snuggle with her Daddy. She is rather like a lot of cats in that she gets overstimulated with too much touch, so it is nice to see her choosing to hang around for some loving.

After that she had to do a nice 'calming signal' yawn though!  :)

They're all different, aren't they.  Rosie doesn't mind a cuddle but won't initiate it, and in contrast, our two GWPs were total touchy-feelies.  Always had to be touching you somewhere, or even better, snuggled right up to, or on top of you!


 I miss it, I must admit, but you have to take dogs as they are, just like people, and my Labbie girls are equally good company, just in a slightly less clingy way.  



  1. I really wish things wouldn't persist in dying. I know it's a part of life, blah blah, but I do find it a little difficult to handle the roughness of it all. I did not know that currawongs steal magpie babies. We have a few currawongs that hang around here to eat the meat we naughtily feed the kookas, and I've long got past feeling creeped out by their yellow rimmed starey eyes. Now I know they eat maggie babies I might like them less again. Although the maggies around here are nasty as well. I guess everything is nasty in its own way.

    Sorry. Didn't mean this to be a dirge about death and nastiness, but there you go!! :)

    Aww, your doggies are lovely. Dogs are the best. Our neighbour's border collie got out a week ago and so I had him here with us until they came home again. He's 15 months old and rather energetic, as his breed is. Far too energetic for me. But it was so lovely having him. There is nothing like a dog.

    Dogs and trees <3

    1. I think ravens, crows, kookas and even owls will go after nestlings too. Currawongs I don't like because they are recently introduced to the west (Kookas to but a long time ago). I've read somewhere that they need about 40 nests of other birds to raise a nest of their own. I saw one silently moving about the trees across the road, looking up into the higher branches very carefully, and thought, oh yes, you bugger, I know what you're up to, but there's not much you can do. It's nature raw in tooth and claw.

      And yes Maggies can be sods too. Ours don't swoop us because they're used to us and know we mean no harm, but the other day Mama Magpie came and pecked me on the bare toe twice because I was standing outside, eyes closed, doing my morning practice and she felt I'd be better employed feeding *her*. :) Cheeky!

  2. PS: Your crocheted horse is 100 kinds of adorable

    1. Isn't she! I'm making one for myself now. Couldn't stand not to. :)


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