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Monday, 22 December 2014

Webriders goes into print!

The second proof for my book, Webriders, arrived yesterday and this time I'm totally stoked with it. It looks marvelous inside and out! 

It's now available in printed form on Amazon as well as Kindle

I just want to say a big thank you to Carmen of Rainbow Travellers, who created this cover art for me.  It totally glows when seen in real life and I love it!  I knew she had just the right style to suit this story when I saw what she'd done with her beautiful Rainbow Travellers Tarot deck.

The story behind Webriders began with an idea my sister, Jenny, had.  She wrote and sent me the first part in an email, then I wrote a bit more, and then we swapped emails back and forth, coming up with lots of fun ideas. There was a local Indian Restaurant that was run by a whole family of chubby, kind, amazing Indian people.  The father was quite magical in his presence and yet jolliness.  We decided that a family like that had to go into the story. Not long after that we both got too busy to continue with it, but the story stayed in the back of my mind as deserving of more attention.  Years later, I was looking for an idea for a NanoWriMo novel, and that story came back to me. I started from scratch on the first day of that November, kept the idea of people being able to move through computers, but I made the sisters Anglo-Indian instead of Australian, and so the novel began to take shape.

I had so much fun researching the places around the world where I wanted them to go!  I'd been to some, but others I only knew of.  Travel blogs were my friend because they really gave me a sensory experience of these exotic, and sometimes not so exotic, destinations. :)

I love the two sisters, with their close bond and their different strengths.  I love their odd family and friends.  I love that they grew as the story went on. As always, I have no idea how I come up with the twists and turns that develop in my stories.  They just grow as the word count progresses.  It's as much a mystery to me as to anyone else.  That's the miracle and the excitement of writing novels, I guess!           

Webriders was a lot of fun to write, and I do hope it will be a lot of fun for you to read. So far I've had some great reviews!       


  1. And thank you for sharing your creative process. It's amazing how a book 'gets cooked', sometimes even before we start writing.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed that aspect, V. It is fun to be able to share a little of what goes on in my head when I write.

  2. This novel is action packed from the very first sentence. I was completely absorbed as the intriguing characters moved around the world by the most original of means (what a gift to have). The story would make an awesome film - so get writing the screenplay Tina!! Congratulations and I loved this page turner.


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